K&N Cold Air Intake Reviews: Are Their Products Reliable?

K&N air intake systems are often the first choice of car enthusiasts worldwide for many good reasons. These intake systems became famous not only because of the excellent reputation of the brand. The fact of the matter is that they come with great features.

Let’s read our K&N cold air intake reviews to understand them better.

K&N Cold Air Intake Reviews (In-Depth Analysis)


Like any product, K&N air intake systems come with both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Most of their models come with a heat shield
  • The air filter is washable and reusable
  • Simple installation process
  • Easy-to-understand installation instructions
  • Highly durable
  • A million-mile warranty included
  • Reduces air temperature
  • Offer aggressive sound
  • Improved power


  • Some people complain that their kit makes a bit loud noise
  • Not legal for use in California


Founded in 1964, this company produces oil filters, air intake systems, and air filters kits. The company’s founders are Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald. That is the reason why the company is called K&N.

They were founded in California and are also headquartered there.

In the early years, they focused on motorcycle products. After that, this brand focused on the production of air intake systems.

To surpass other brands, this company constantly offers innovative products that meet the needs of the market.

Furthermore, to improve the performance and longevity of their products, they also use unique technologies.


K&N cold air intakes are manufactured in various parts of the US and UK. At the present age, the company’s business activities are growing day by day. Therefore, they tend to expand to more places.

Most K&N filters are washable and reusable. As a result, they can help you keep costs down. In addition, you can easily clean and re-oil the filter.

Some of their models come with more layers of materials. As a result, they have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, for all models, you can replace them less often. 

On the other hand, most of their models come with a heat shield. It can prevent hot air from entering the engine bay, although this slightly hinders the increase in power. The heat shield is also handy when you have to drive in rainy weather

The installation is straightforward, even for inexperienced people. K&N cold air intakes come with an easy-to-understand instruction manual. As a result, you can install them in less than an hour.

Key Features

There is no denying that K&N cold air intakes help your engine breathe better.

K&N cold air intakes can improve airflow to your engine. As a result, they help increase horsepower and improve fuel economy. They even help prolong engine life.

After installing the K&N cold air intake, you will notice a difference in the engine’s sound. Specifically, it helps create aggressive sounds.

In addition to improving the vehicle’s overall performance, the products of this great brand require less maintenance. Specifically, vehicle owners only need to service them every 100,000 miles.

In general, K&N products have mostly received positive reviews. However, some people complain that their kit makes a bit loud noise as well as abnormal vibrations.

Unfortunately, the K&N cold air intake is not legal for use in California. Specifically, the intake systems of this brand are not CARB exempt.


Overall, the K&N cold air intakes are pretty affordable. Most of their products range from $300 to $400. So you can get a quality cold air intake without breaking the bank.

The products of this brand come with a one million mile warranty. As a result, you hardly have to replace your air intake. For some other brands, you will need to buy new parts after a few years of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy K&N cold air intakes?

You can buy their air intakes at reputable e-commerce sites like Amazon.

2. What does a K&N cold air intake do for my vehicle?

Their cold air intake helps increase airflow into your engine. As a result, it can improve the horsepower and torque of your vehicle.

3. What products does K&N offer?

K&N offers air filters, intake systems, oil filters, cabin air filters, home air filters, and more.


All in all, K&N is a trusted brand. They are always trying to make their products more user-friendly. In general, their products receive primarily only positive reviews. As a result, over the decades, they have gained the trust of many users around the world.

So, there are plenty of reasons to buy a K&N refill system. Hopefully, through our K&N cold air intake reviews, you will better understand this brand and its products.

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