Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews: Main Features, Pros & Cons

As a leader in producing performance-related parts, Injen Technology has consistently applied the best technology to its product. So far, they have continuously released unique products that you cannot find in other brands.

Their product also comes with a lifetime warranty. This brand also offers parts for a wide variety of vehicles. In addition to manufacturing air intake systems, this company also offers hundreds of other products that increase your vehicle’s performance.

Do you want more information about their product? Then, let’s get into our Injen cold air intake reviews!

In-depth Review Of Injen Cold Air Intakes 



  • Easy to install
  • An easy-to-understand installation guide included
  • Increased the throttle response 
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Custom design for different vehicles
  • Many models come with a heat shield
  • Accelerates airflow
  • Made from aluminum & silicone
  • Good-quality silicone connectors included
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Relatively expensive for some users
  • Slightly noisy
  • Some people complain about the product not fitting


We cannot find much information regarding Injen technology on its website. However, information about  RD Metal Works,  its sister company, is quite clear. Unfortunately, information about who founded both companies remains a mystery.

Injen products stand out for many good reasons. One of them is that they have applied unique technologies. In addition, they also regularly create unique and innovative models.

Through a blog and regular events, they can keep a close relationship with their customers.

This company is headquartered in Pomona, California. From the very beginning, they focused on cold air intake systems for many vehicles. Only later did they produce other performance parts. Now, they are responsible for creating many performance parts for vehicles.


Injen has used aluminum and silicon to create excellent intake systems. Their durability is unmatched. The included silicone tubes are heat resistant. Therefore, those kits can last for many years. Some of their models come with a heat shield as well.

Injen intake systems are straightforward to install. Proof that you can install them in less than 30 minutes, even if you are an amateur. They also come with an easy-to-understand installation guide. What’s more, you don’t have to modify any parts.

On the other hand, the weight of Injen intake systems is not too heavy. That means it does not add much weight to the engine compartment. So if you chase weight on your vehicle, you will love Injen products.

Main Features

Are you looking for a way to improve the power and overall performance of your vehicle? Then, Injen intake systems are the perfect solution for you.

As a well-known brand in making aftermarket performance parts since 1998, the brand uses only the finest materials for its products. In addition, their engineering team always strives to create high-quality intake systems.

Injen products are very effective in improving the airflow into the engine. Furthermore, to further increase the efficiency of the engines, they also provide cold air. Hence, the vehicle’s overall performance can be significantly increased.

There is no denying that the Injen cold air intakes are great value for money. They can improve horsepower as well as torque. Furthermore, they can increase throttle response. As a result, you can unlock the hidden power of your vehicle.

So, when you choose a product of this brand, the engine performance will improve immediately.

Most of Injen’s models receive many positive reviews. Besides, we also noticed a few complaints about some of their products. But, in general, most complaints are related to products not fitting.


Injen products are available at various price points. They range from over $100 to over $700. Hence, any car owner can find a model that fits their budget.

In general,  Injen cold air intakes are good value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I drive in the rain with a cold air intake?

Injen cold air intake systems are not suitable for humid environments. Unfortunately, rainwater can ruin your engine. Injen Technology also disclaims liability for damage to the engine caused by water ingress.

2. In addition to the air intake system, what other products does Injen offer?

This company provides performance-related parts, including exhaust system, intercoolers, air filter, throttle controller, clearance, gear.

3. Where can I buy Injen cold air intakes?

You can buy Injen products at their official homepage. In addition, you can also buy them at reputable e-commerce sites like amazon.


In short, Injen is a reliable company in providing performance-related parts. With years of experience, they always understand what vehicle owners want from cold air intake systems.

Most of the user reviews for their products are favorable. However, it is wise to research each product thoroughly before purchasing it. 

Hopefully, our Injen cold air intake reviews are helpful to you.

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