5 Best Rims For Camaro Review(Must-Read Insights For Car Lovers)

If you are a car owner, you must be familiar with the importance of proper maintenance. However well you take care of your car, daily wear and tear can still affect the quality of most details. Hence, it is crucial that you look for suitable replacements to ensure your vehicle’s lifespan.

In the article below, we are gonna have a look at one specific brand – Camaro and a particular part called rims. Are you interested in buying the best rims for Camaro? If yes, keep reading to find out more!

What Are Rims & Why Are They Important?

Rims refer to the outer edge placed outside a vehicle’s wheel. They tend to come in a U shape, holding the entire tire in place by supporting the tire’s bead. In most cases, car rims are made from alloy or a type of metal identical to that of the wheel. 

But sometimes, you might come across a layer of Teflon positioned on the external side of the rim, increasing its overall strength and sturdiness. 

So, why are rims so essential to your car’s functioning abilities? This is because they act as a bridge between the tire and the wheel. Therefore, they keep your car steady and balanced, maximizing your control over the car and everyone’s safety while being on the road. 

Since rims directly influence your driving experience, making sure they stay in top conditions is one of your priorities. If a rim is altered by heavy pressure or impact on the surface, it can tamper with the tire itself, causing it to deflate. 

Needless to say, having your tires poked means you are more susceptible to blowouts, not to mention how accidents are more prone to happen.

5 Best Rims For Camaro (Detailed Reviews)

OE Wheels 20-inch Rim – Best Overall

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If you are looking for the best 20’’ rim Camaro, I suggest you look no further than this classic piece from OE Wheels LLC. This rim is made from aluminum, which is best known for its hardness and durability. 

It is also highly durable, which means the rim can last for years before giving out. Talking about having a long-lasting piece of auto spare parts!As far as its size is concerned, this rim fits perfectly with a wheel size of 20 inches. The wheel backspacing connecting from the mounting surface to the inside lip of the wheel is 6.38mm, making it a popular choice for your Camaro.

While the center cap is included in this rim, other details such as the bolts, locks, TPMS, and lugs are not covered. Purchasing them separately can be a nuisance for many customers, but rest assured that their price will not be too high.

And can you guess what the best part about this rim is? OE Wheels offers a one-year face finish warranty, giving you the freedom to change your rim for a newer one should the finish become damaged. 

All in all, if you do not mind spending a little bit more money, this 20-inch model from OE Wheels is worth a try.


  • High-quality material.
  • Durable.
  • One-year face finish warranty.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Accessories are not included.

Upgrade Your Auto 18’’ Gloss Rim – Best For Budget

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Are you short of money but still want to buy the best 18’’ rim Camaro? If yes, why not have a look at this set of gloss rims from Upgrade Your Auto? You can treat yourself to 4 rims designed for Chevy Camaro 2014-2015. 

For those who are not willing to invest in higher-end products, buying these items is an acceptable alternative.

The thing I like most about this product is its effortless installation thanks to its snap-on style. Instead of driving your car to the mechanic, feel free to mount and secure the rims on your wheels at home. These attached instructions are more than helpful, which spares you the task of hiring a professional.

What is more, Upgrade Your Auto determines to embellish its offers with a fine finish of gloss black, creating a shiny appearance for your vehicle. 

That being said, this model is not free from flaws. These four rims are only compatible with factory alloy wheels, not chrome-clad wheels or any other types of wheels on the market. This restricts their accessibility since not all wheels can go with these rims. 

In short, if you happen to own a car with factory alloy wheels, you can benefit greatly from this purchase. But if not, consider buying other options on this list.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Snap-on style installation.
  • Good-looking.


  • Low level of compatibility.

OE Wheels 17-inch Rim – Best For Small-Sized Rims

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Finding the best 17’’ rim Camaro is quite tricky since not many manufacturers have sufficient rims this small. But worry not, as OE Wheels has managed to provide customers with a decent option. Let’s check out the most noticeable features of this item and see whether it is worth the hype.

Like other products from OE Wheels, the 17’’ model also enjoys a one-year face finish warranty. As the manufacturer proudly claims that their products can stand the test of time, any cracks or dents within the first 12 months since your purchase will be compensated by a brand new one. 

If you are no stranger to bumpy roads, you sure can see the advantages of OE Wheels’ policies.

Another reason to favor this item is its affordability. While OE Wheels is by no means a low-end brand, its products are never too costly for the average customer. For roughly $995, you can get a full set of 4 rims, saving lots of money instead of buying each rim separately. How economical, right?

Still, the wheel backspacing of this product is 7.38mm, which is slightly bigger than that of 20’’ models. While it is not a deal-breaker, it can directly affect the rims’ compatibility with your car, so choose wisely.

In my opinion, these four rims from OE Wheels make for a neat replacement when it comes to your Camaro and its 17’’ wheels.


  • Economical in the long run.
  • One-year face finish warranty.
  • Available in size 17’’.


  • Big wheel backspacing.

Koko Kuture 20’’ Rim – Best For Appearance

Via Amazon.com

Who says that auto spare parts cannot look the part? This set of 4 gloss black wheels from Koko Kuture will prove them wrong right away. At first glance, this product caught my attention with its glossy finish. 

It looks a little bit like matte, but the real material is alloy steel for sturdiness and durability. Not only are these rims visually pleasant, but they are also long-lasting!

The charms of Koko Kuture’s offer do not end there. These 20’’ rims are highly versatile, as they fit with a wide range of cars. Whether you drive a Camaro, a Charger, a Mustang, or even a Cadillac, these rims can be mounted on them all. No more worries about car details that fail to accommodate your needs. 

Even better, Koko Kuture does not shy away from declaring their money-back policies should the customer not be impressed by their products. If you spot any malfunction or misfit between your rims and the vehicles, feel free to ask for a refund from the seller.

While these items are indeed enthralling, they do not come at a low price.

But in case you can afford such a purchase, I believe these high-quality rims can turn your car into a luxury anytime soon.


  • Glossy finish.
  • Can be used on many car models.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Expensive.

Giovanna 20’’ Rim – Best For High-End Products

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Another product aimed specifically at customers who are willing to invest in their auto spare parts is this set of 4 rims from Giovanna. You get to enjoy the impressive performance of four alloy steel rims. 

Admittedly, this price tag is off-putting for many people, but it makes sense considering how powerful the product is.

Regarding the construction, Giovanna uses a unique design for their rim arrangement, creating a stable balance that enables the wheels to hold on to the road. They enhance the power of your wheels and grant you more control while being on the road.

Furthermore, these four rims are not restricted to Camaro only. As they are available in 20’’ – the most popular size for wheels – these items work best with almost any type of SUVs, trucks, and cars. If you decide to switch to another vehicle, you can still reuse these parts and make sure your latest purchase looks luxurious. 

Similar to Koko Kuture, Giovanna offers a customer satisfaction guarantee that pleases even the most difficult customers. If you think these rims are subpar, the manufacturer is more than willing to return the money.

In conclusion, Giovanna’s rims are among the best wheel thread replacements you can buy for your vehicle, as long as you can afford the purchase.


  • Unique build-quality.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Refund is available.


  • Expensive.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Rims For Camaro

Unless you are knowledgeable about cars and their spare parts, shopping for new rims can be a daunting task. Before you embark on your shopping trip, do not forget to take these factors into account and see why they make or break your items.


Your highest priority when buying new rims for your Camaro is the size. Rims come in various sizes, ranging from 17’’ to 20’’. Each of these options will fit with some particular models, and by no means are they applicable to all cars. 

Thus, you must check the technical details of your car and your potential rims carefully. Any mistake in calculations may lead to an ill-informed decision, rendering your purchase futile.

When the rims are too big for your wheels, the wheels end up not having enough balance and resulting in poor suspension. You may experience low steering control while driving, and obviously, this is one of the most direct causes for accidents.

At the same time, rims that are too small for your wheels do not offer enough support. Once you start driving it on the streets, poorly supported wheels stand a higher chance of being sloppy.


It is tempting to favor rims advertised as lightweight since many novice drivers believe they will make for easier usage. However, rims that are too light can increase the fragility of your vehicle. A suitable rim needs to be strong and heavy enough to hold the wheels properly, or else your car may end up very agile. 


If you think rims are known for their functions only, then you cannot be further from the truth. Many car enthusiasts replace their rims frequently to refresh their vehicle’s looks, hoping to achieve a fancy, attractive appearance. 

Sometimes, the smallest details like how your wheels are mounted to the rims will make the difference when leaving a good impression.

The majority of car rims on the market look presentable, but they can be boring. In case you want something to stand out, look for rims with a unique arrangement or a glossy finish. 

Whether you drive a classic sedan or a hefty SUV, buying the right rims definitely turns your car into a walking luxury.


As rims are linked with your car’s performance, it should be no surprise that you pay special attention to their durability. If they cannot hold up on the road, you risk being put in dangerous situations. 

Hence, look for rims that can endure the physical impact of being run over by the wheels. This can be achieved through a combination of size, weight and material. 


Most rims are made either from aluminum or alloy steel. The former earns its reputation by being glossy and shiny, creating a perfect appearance for your car. Furthermore, aluminum is also lightweight enough to install, but substantial enough to hold the wheels unfailingly. Sadly, aluminum is not immune to daily wear and tear, which calls for regular replacement.

At the same time, alloy steel is a much more durable option. It tends to last longer and can be cleaned using only water and a piece of cloth. However, it is rather dull and average-looking, not to mention being quite hefty.

In case you have lots of money to spend on your rims, you can always count on titanium. This material combines the best of both worlds, being long-lasting, lightweight, efficient, and visually pleasant. 


Auto spare parts are not cheap. Even the seemingly small details like the rims can cost you a fortune. Since not everyone is well-off, it is essential that you look for products from a wide price range. 

There are rims that cost under $150 per piece, though I highly recommend that you examine them closely before sealing the deal. Admittedly, they do not cost as much in the beginning, but I doubt that such cheaply made rims can be used for more than a few years.

Next, there are the most popular rims within the price range of $200. They make up the largest portion of the market, as they provide an acceptable compromise between price and quality. If you have a limited budget, these rims are worth a try. 

Finally, for the wealthiest car owners, you get to enjoy high-end rims that are well over $250 per piece. Their high price boils down to their versatility, durability, weight, and appearance. 

Such a purchase is a bit too much for most people, but in return, chances are you only have to replace the rims once or twice in decades.


1. How do I know what rims to get for my car?

All you have to do is to look at the sticker plate in your car. Trace your fingers along the inside of your driver-side door, and you shall come across a small plate inscribed with numbers regarding your vehicle’s model and make.

If you fail to locate the sticker plate, there is always the manual or the Internet. A quick search will give you all you need to know. Such information is helpful when you need to select a rim.

2. How often should rims be replaced?

You should replace your rims every 90000 miles before they give out. 

Further watch: How do I know it’s time to replace my tires?


Hopefully, after reading this buying guide, you can choose the best rims for Camaro. Remember to check the technical details of both the rims and your vehicle before making a purchase so that you can make the most out of it. And in case you find the advice helpful, feel free to send this article to your fellow car owners!

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