Top 5 Best LS Lifters For Car Enthusiasts (A Comprehensive Buying Guide)

For car owners, nothing is more important than ensuring all motor parts are functioning properly. While external items are easy to spot if problems occur, internal details pose a much bigger challenge. 

This is why you are advised to give your vehicle a comprehensive check once in a while, especially when it comes to your car’s lifters.If you happen to discover how they have fallen apart, it is crucial that replacement is arranged immediately. In the article below, we will look at the five best LS lifters and see whether they make a good fit for your car.

What Is A Car Lifter?

A car lifter is a mechanical part in most automobiles, connecting the cylinder valves and the car’s camshaft. The exact working mechanism of car lifters varies significantly based on their categorization. 

But in most cases, they aim to preserve the engine air pressure, navigate the opening and closing of the valves, and control the flow of pressurized oil. 

Lifters are not at all identical in their shapes and designs. Some are pressed directly on the valve, while some are linked to a rocker’s arm for remote control. Mostly, this difference depends on your car’s model. 

Today, car lifters can safely be divided into two main types, namely hydraulic lifters and mechanical lifters. 

Mechanical lifters

Mechanical lifters were the first to be invented, which were best known for their low cost and little maintenance. If you are looking for a way to reduce your vehicle-related costs, using mechanical lifters is highly recommended.

Mechanical lifters tend to be either roller lifters or solid lifters. The former includes a cylinder with rollers on the back, effectively pushing the camshaft to rotate effortlessly. 

This way, unwanted noise is minimized. The latter is more of an economical option since it only features a flat back where the rollers could have been. Solid lifters are much louder than their counterparts, but they do not require much care from car owners. 

Mechanical lifters were all the rage in the 20th century, though their popularity did take a plunge as more and more urban car owners disliked loud noise. 

Hydraulic lifters 

Hydraulic lifters were invented later in the 1930s, mostly with the aim of providing a quieter alternative to mechanical lifters. Today, they are the most common lifters found on the market. 

Unlike the basic design of mechanical lifters, hydraulic lifters consist of two parts: an internal piston placed inside a cylinder.

Whenever the oil flows through the narrow channel in the cylinder, the piston goes up and down in accordance with the cam’s movements. 

This way, it can control how the valve is opened and closed at the exact timing, eliminating any chances of noise and rattles. 

What To Look For When Buying The Best LS Lifters

Buying auto spare parts can be tricky if you are not experienced in this field. Since they are too mechanical, knowing which items are better than others proves to be troubling. Therefore, do not forget to examine the factors below if you intend on switching your lifters.


How much the lifter set costs should be one of your top concerns. Naturally, you would want the purchase to be as reasonably priced as possible. However, it is easy to be tempted by cheap offers from sketchy retailers. 

Remember, if the price is too low, chances are the lifters are not genuine OEM. While buying cheap items can save you some money, it will end up harming your pocket when you need to replace the parts too frequently. 


Most car lifters are made from hard metal, thus ensuring their endurance and performance. That being said, some metals are to be trusted more than others. 

You will find how certain lifters are sturdier and more shock-absorbent, while several items are highly vulnerable to wear and tear. Use your hands to feel the products themselves and see whether it is easy to leave a dent or crack.


There is no point in buying new lifters if they cannot fit inside your car. Hence, remember to check the specifications of your vehicle and compare them to those of the products. 

In case you are not sure what to make of the listed specifications, contact the dealer and ask for more details. 


Installing new lifters inside your car is no easy task. In most cases, it would require a trip to the mechanic to get things done. Still, some lifters are lightweight and pre-oiled, which means you stand a chance of doing things on your own.

If you wish to replace the lifters at home, look for options you know that you can handle.

5 Best LS Lifters Of 2022 (Detailed Reviews)

GM Parts 12499225 Hydraulic Roller Lifter – Best For Limited Budget


If you are a bit short on money but still want to enjoy decent GM LS lifters, I suggest that you have a look at these hydraulic roller lifters from GM Performance Parts. 

Saying that they are the best LS6 lifters would be too much of a stretch, but given how cheap these items are, the product is definitely worth trying. 

This package consists of 16 cylindrical lifters, each is adorned with rollers on the back. The rollers provide cushioning for movements, thus ensuring a quiet performance. No more worries about your car being too loud for the neighborhood!

Another reason why these products deserve to be on the list is how durable they are. All of the cylinders are made from hard metal, which is sturdy enough for years to come. Since lifters are bound to be under lots of pressure inside the car, it is essential that they remain hard and stable all the time.

That being said, GM Parts 12499225 LS lifters are not exactly the most reliable product in terms of packages and brand names. Some customers have complained about them arriving in sloppy boxes with no wrapping papers. 

Others are more skeptical since there are no specifications and brand names on the boxes. However, if you are not particularly picky about these factors, the product will work just fine.


  • Quiet performance.
  • Cheap for most customers.
  • Durable material.


  • Poorly packed.
  • No brand name.

Michigan Motorsports LS7 Lifters Set – Best For A Car Overhaul


For car enthusiasts, buying merely some lifters would not be enough. This is why Michigan Motorsports introduced two items in one single package. Upon purchasing, you will receive 16 of the best LS7 lifters and 4 new guide trays. Together, they create a duo that provides your car with smooth sailing performance.

Regarding the products, the LS7 lifters are available in hydraulic roller form. They are designed to work with all kinds of GM LS cars, which makes them the best LS1 LS3 lifters as well. No longer do you have to be concerned over the compatibility between your newly bought auto parts and your vehicle.

Furthermore, these items are genuine OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturer. In other words, the products are verified to be workable with your car. 

Unlike faux or cheaply made items, OEM auto parts are much more stable in the long run.

Still, many buyers have been frustrated with how the lifter set works at startup. It does run smoothly once the car is already on the road, but the first few working minutes are filled with noise.

For those who wish to achieve absolute silence, the LS7 lifter set will not suffice. 


  • OEM confirmed from Amazon.
  • Two types of auto parts available in one package.
  • Highly compatible


  • Loud startup.

Elgin Industries Lifter Set – Best For Quantity


Why buy only the lifters when you can get several items that go along with it? Elgin Industries offer a comprehensive deal that leaves customers well-prepared to go over their entire car’s internal parts. Let’s have a look at what products are available.

In each lifter set, you will get to enjoy 16 hydraulic roller valve lifters and 16 pushrods. The quantity means you can replace the lifters in lots of models, more specifically anything ranging from 1997 – 2016 GM vehicles. Talking about how versatile the lifter set is!

Another reason why I highly recommend buying the set is that it complies with OEM specifications. All details are made with care and attentiveness, creating a perfect fit for your vehicle. Even when they are not truly OEM, the standards achieved by the manufacturers are no joke.

In case you want a final push to purchase these items, all of the lifters and pushrods are placed within carton boxes. Instead of lying around in a single pack, each detail is wrapped carefully so that the delivery will not affect its quality.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the sales record of this product is not exactly ideal. If you want to look at real testimonials before deciding, then you will encounter quite a challenge.


  • Both lifters and pushrods are available.
  • Highly compatible.
  • OEM standardized.
  • Careful packages.


  • Low sales record.

Elgin Industries Hydraulic Lifters – Best For LS7 Lifters


Are you impressed with what Elgin Industries have to offer when it comes to the best lifters on the market? If yes, why not have a look at an updated version from the company? 

While the lifter set retains its most charming characteristics, namely OEM standardization, the high level of versatility and packages, this set is declared to be sturdier and more stable. 

Even better, bolts and new trays are also included in your order, which spares you the time and money needed to buy everything necessary.

Personally speaking, I find the most interesting feature of this set is how it comes pre-oiled. This way, there is no need for soaking the lifters. All you have to do is to replace them right away once the package arrives. Yay!

But these lifters are not without flaws. Closer inspections reveal how heavy they are, weighing at least 8 ounces in total. 

For car enthusiasts who prefer a lightweight addition, this hindrance can be off-putting.


  • Complies with OEM standards.
  • Bolts and trays included.
  • Pre-oiled.


  • Heavy.

Michigan Motorsports LS7 Lifters, Guide Trays And Pushrods – Best Overall


Finally, let’s wrap up my list today with the best LS2 lifters from Michigan Motorsports. At first glance, I was impressed with the number of accessories attached in one package. 

There will be 16 lifters, 16 pushrods, and 4 brand new guide trays at your disposal. Such details ensure that you get all auto parts in one single order, easing the replacement process.

As for the products themselves, the lifters, pushrods, and guide trays are all made from reliable material. Even under the internal pressure of your car, they are still able to function properly, offering a perfect performance.

That is not to mention how quiet the lifters are! Unlike other hydraulic lifters with lots of rattles at startup, this package from Michigan Motorsports removes all disturbing sounds so you can focus 100% on your journey.

While I have no issue with the product per se, you should know that these items are not cheap. 

Since they are made in the US with OEM standardization and lots of included accessories, the entire package costs well up to hundreds of dollars. For the average customer, this can be a problem.


  • Many accessories included.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Quiet performance.


  • Expensive for most customers.


1. Can noisy lifters cause internal damage to a car’s engine?

Yes. Noisy lifters signal serious problems going on inside your car, such as the untimely closing and opening of the valves, the leakage of pressurized oil, or accumulated dirt and mud. If left untreated for a long time, you will end up with a poorly functioning, loud car. 

Therefore, if you spot any tapping or ticking noises coming from the lifters, do not hesitate to give it a check right away. The sooner you diagnose the problems, the better. 

2. How to know if you have a bad lifter?

A lifter is designed to reduce noises while driving and keep your car’s movements smooth. If you hear weird noises at startup and during driving, chances are your lifter is malfunctioning. 

Look out for any unexpected noises in your engine, especially when it sounds like a tapping faucet. If this is the case, then a replacement is needed. 

Further watch: How to quiet noisy lifters 

3. What happens if you continue driving with a noisy lifter?

Many people are dismissive of the noisy lifters, thinking that they will not affect the driving performance. But the truth is that after a while, these ticking and tapping sounds can start to get on your nerves. 

Soon enough, you will find yourself troubled and distracted by the constant noises. Subsequently, accidents are more likely to happen.

Another downside of driving with a noisy lifter is that you do not know what causes it. In certain cases, noisy lifters could be traced back to serious damages inside the engine. 

Without proper treatment, the quality of your car can be compromised.

4. How much does it cost to replace lifters?

Lifters should cost anywhere around $300 to $1000, depending on how much you are willing to invest in your auto spare parts. Also, you have to pay the mechanic if you cannot perform the task at home. 

A professional tends to charge anywhere from $1000 to $2500, so the total cost should be around $1500 to $3000. 

5. How to stop the noisy lifters from ticking? 

There are several steps you can take to keep your lifters quiet. Adjusting the valves is the first option, as it will regulate the air flow. You can also flush out the expired oil and channel new pressurized oil inside the narrow channel. 

If the problem is linked with dirt accumulation, turn to oil additives and use them to wipe off anything clogging inside. And if all things fail, you can always turn to new lifters for a replacement. 

6. Will a bad lifter cause loss of power?

A bad lifter can lead to an engine misfire, which affects how your car starts up. A slowed startup and sometimes even a loss of power will ensue if you cannot manage to get your lifters to function as they are supposed to.


Buying the best LS lifters is not too much of a challenge now that you have finished this article. Remember to keep an eye on promising products and ask for specifications if you are not 100% confident about the compatibility. 

And in case you find these reviews helpful, feel free to share it with your fellow car owners!

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