2 Best Heads For 6.0 LS (2022 Buying Guide & Review In Detail)

A 6.0-LS motor is present in various recent GM or Chevy vehicles, from SUVs, trucks, and sports cars. Therefore, if you have bought a car from one of these brands, it may contain a 6.0-LS engine. 

Of course, like any other vehicle, you need to know how the engine works and equip it with suitable components to maximize its efficiency. And if you are looking for a cylinder head, refer to the best heads for 6.0 LS below.

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing A Cylinder Head For 6.0 LS

To get a suitable head for your engine, first, know what kind of vehicle you have and what you use it for. Next, pay attention to the material, study the necessary specifications, then find a reputable provider, but don’t forget to consider your budget.


Whether you own a car or truck, you need to understand what it is used for because it significantly affects how you choose your components. For example, a car for commuting needs accessories that maintain the engine at an average level, while a truck for long-away delivery needs boosting. 


A cylinder head is often made of aluminum or iron-cast. An iron-cast head is sturdier, has a lower price, and is better at heat retention than a head made of aluminum. On the other hand, an aluminum head is lightweight, more accessible in machining, and has better heat dissipation. Consider your purpose of using the vehicle to choose the suitable material.  


A cylinder head has some necessary specifications affecting the engine’s performance. 

  • Intake port volume: This figure reflects how much airflow going into the engine, measured by cubic centimeter (cc). Small or medium ports are suitable for frequent cars, while bigger ports are used for racing cars or heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • Valve size: The valve size determines how much airflow goes through it, like the intake port volume. However, you need to compare the engine valve and head valve sizes because they may mismatch. 
  • Combustion chamber size: This figure affects the compression ratio, a crucial factor for enhancing the engine. 


For a significant property like a vehicle, you need to consider a provider for your component carefully. For example, if you equipped your car with low-quality accessories, it might not meet the expectancy or even break down.

If you don’t buy from GM, you can consider some other manufacturers here.


Affording a car means you may have enough money for its components. However, if the cost exceeds your expected number, the following items may be suitable for you.

2 Best Heads For 6.0 LS (In-Depth Review Of 2022)

GM 6.0L LS LQ4 LQ9 Remanufactured Cylinder Head 317 – Best Remanufactured

Via Amazon.com

Remanufactured heads are trendy components for GM motors, and the cylinder head 371 is the best among those. This aluminum head is specially designed for 6.0-LS. Other versions of GM engines may use it but need considering compatibility.

For the process of remanufacturing cylinder heads, click here

With the specifications of an average level, the intake and exhaust ports allow a medium amount of incoming airflow and exhausting gas to go through. The intake port volume is 210cc with a 2-inch valve, while the output port volume is 75cc with a 1.55-inch valve. Therefore, this head is not suitable for a racing car or heavy-duty trucks. However, don’t worry if sometimes you have to travel a long way because this intake port size maintains durable fuel for your journey. 

Next, the combustion size of this cylinder head is 70.03cc, which means the compression ratio is about 9.5:1, an excellent figure for a medium engine. Therefore, your vehicle’s engine can maintain consistency for a long time with this cylinder head. 

Moreover, this head has a rocker arm that increases the opening and closing of the valves, improving the motor’s efficiency.

Below is a short video posted by Tech Lab Hindi, showing how a rocker arm works in an engine: rocker arm function working


  • Heat-dissipating material
  • Excellent for frequent vehicles
  • Rocker arm included
  • No core charge required


  • Remanufactured
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty vehicles

NEW GM 6.0 GMC # 317 Cylinder Heads PAIR Silverado Suburban 2001-2007 – Best Core Charge

Via Amazon.com

If you see the phrase “core return required” in the product name or description, you need to follow a core return process to get the product. The process is completed within 21 days, and the core must match the cylinder head. You may get the product without a core return, but your cylinder head is not guaranteed. Otherwise, you will get a 3-year warranty. 

This aluminum head has specifications suitable for frequent cars and medium-duty vehicles: an intake port of 210cc, an input valve of 2 inches, an exhaust port of 75cc, and an output valve of 1.55 inches. These sizes cannot allow colossal airflow going through, so if you own a racing car, choose a different head. 

Moreover, the combustion chamber size of this cylinder head is the same as the above product, which brings durability to the engine for frequent travel. 

Unlike the above head, this product is totally new, and it doesn’t include a rocker arm inside. However, it doesn’t mean the efficiency of the motor is not maintained. Instead, the design of this head keeps everything compatible and enhances the engine to the fullest extent.

Moreover, this product comes with a pair, which means you have an extra head to change if the other gets problems.


  • New product
  • Come with a pair
  • Heat-dissipating material
  • Excellent for frequent vehicles


  • Core return required
  • No rocker arm included
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful is a GM 6.0-LS engine?

A GM 6.0-LS engine is made of iron, well-known for its durability, and present in many moderate-duty vehicles. On average, this motor can operate up to 300,000 miles with only a few minor problems. Some drivers said they didn’t even need to repair anything during this period. 

A GM 6.0-LS engine can handle 300-300HP with a compression ratio of 9.4:1. Moreover, its torque rating is about 360-370 ft./lb.

Is a 6.0-LS engine better than a 5.3-LS one?

As a newer GM motor generation, a 6.0-LS engine is better than a 5.3-LS engine, but not much. A 5.3-LS motor can reach 270-295HP with a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and a torque rating of 315-335 ft./lb. These figures may reflect that it is less potent than the later engine, but it still receives good feedback from drivers for its consistency. 

Is a core-return engine more expensive than a new product?

Providers may require a core in return for some products. If your core is accepted, you will receive back the core charge. On the other hand, you have to pay the core charge, but the total price is lower than a new product. 

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We hope that the best heads for 6.0 LS above can help you choose the appropriate component for your engine. If you have any more questions, let us know, or if you think this content is valuable, send it to your friends and colleagues. 

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