2 Best Heads For 5.3 LS: Top Choices For Your Engine In 2022

General Motors is among the top automobile manufacturers globally, and it’s great to own a GM car. However, learning how to drive is not enough; you also need to learn about everything around your car, and the engine is one of those 

In general, a motor’s frequent problems are essential knowledge, but equipping it with a high-quality head is no less critical. This article will introduce the best heads for 5.3 LS and relevant necessary information, and then you will have an idea for taking care of your engine.

Buying Guide: What To Consider Before Buying A Cylinder Head For 5.3 LS

To choose an appropriate cylinder head for a 5.3-LS motor, a car owner has to understand the following information about your car before going to the store: compatibility, port volume, and the size of the combustion chamber. Moreover, considering the purpose of the car and finding an honorable provider is no less crucial.


The first thing to do is to know your kind of motor. You can read the manual guide or search your car model on google instead of looking for the printed information around the car. Therefore, you can look for the exact component you want as those individual parts include what motors they suit in their specifications.

For example, you need to find a cylinder head for a 5.3-LS engine, not a 4.8-LS or a 6.0-LS one. If you get the wrong head, you may not put it into the motor because the couplings mismatch, or the engine may not run in its correct wattage.

Below is a video posted by AmericanModernIns, showing how to assemble a cylinder head:

How to assemble cylinder heads – The Build

Port volume

To choose a suitable intake port, you need to know what you use the car for. For example, a car traveling around the city needs a moderate port or even smaller to enhance the throttle sensitivity. On the other hand, a car traveling between cities needs a larger port to increase input airflow

Meanwhile, you can choose an output port based on the engine valve. If you are not sure, get consulted by customer service.

Combustion chamber size

There are two things to consider for the size of the combustion chamber: compression ratio and compatible components, such as shape or coupling holes. An appropriate compression ratio will enhance the engine’s efficiency while the compatible components keep the motor matching the cylinder head.


Choosing a reputable provider is a critical step to getting a good cylinder head. If you buy from a manufacturer with a bad reputation or get products without original certifications, you may harm your car. You better buy it directly from GM or ask them for alternatives if your wished products are unavailable.

If you need more tips on choosing a good head for your motor, click here for six frequent mistakes to avoid.

2 Best Heads for 5.3 LS (In-Depth Review, Pros & Cons)

GM LS2 LS6 Gen III Gen IV Remanufactured Cylinder Heads – Best Multi-Purpose

Via Amazon.com

This cylinder head is remanufactured by GM and is suitable for various GM motor series, including 4.8 LS, 5.3 LS, 5.7 LS, and 6.0 LS. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it mismatches your engine and causes damage.

Next, the intake port volume of this head is 210cc with a 2-inch diameter, suitable for medium engine sizes from 302 to 350 c.i.d (the engine size of 5.3 LS is 325 c.i.d). Moreover, the exhaust port volume is only 75cc with a 1.55-inch diameter, letting the engine emit moderate gas while running.

Therefore, this cylinder head is suitable for cars traveling around a city rather than between cities. However, don’t worry if you have to travel a long way sometimes. Provided that you don’t boost the speed, there is no problem with the engine.

The combustion chamber size of this head is 64.45 cc, which brings a compression ratio of 9.6:1, a positive percentage for a medium-duty head. In addition, this head includes a rocker arm that provides more force to open and close the valves. This arm is made of steel and is much stronger than what it looks like.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Suitable for many kinds of motor
  • Great compression ratio
  • Rocker arm included


  • Remanufactured
  • Less effective for long-way traveLS

Remanufactured Chevy Silverado Vortec GMC Sierra Cylinder Heads – Best Core Return

This cylinder head is aLSo remanufactured, but you need a core return procedure within 21 days to get a finished product from the manufacturer. If you don’t get a core, contact the manufacturer for more support.

To know what is a core return procedure, click here.

Like the above product, we can use this cylinder head for several motors such as 5.3 LS, 5.7 LS, and 6.0 LS. A minor difference is that it isn’t suitable for the 4.8-LS engine.

The PAIR LS6 LS2 Cast# 799/243 engine aLSo has a combustion chamber size of 64.45cc, a 2-inch input port, and a 1.55-inch output port. And like the above GM head, this product is suitable for medium-duty engines, mainly used in not intense travel demands.

The most significant difference between the two products is the rocker arm. This cylinder head has no arms, but it is designed to match all necessary movements in an engine.

Despite being a remanufactured product, this head receives a 3-year warranty from the provider. However, the warranty agreement is valid only when you offer a core, and the terms don’t include overheating situations.


  • Suitable for many kinds of motor
  • Great compression ratio
  • 3-year warranty


  • Need core return procedure
  • Remanufactured
  • No rocker arm included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LS head made of?

There are two primary materiaLS for an LS head. An aluminum head is mainly used for traveling or passenger cars, while an iron block is present in heavier-duty vehicles like trucks.

Can we use a 5.3-LS head instead of a 6.0-LS head?

In general, we can do this without any problems because these heads have the same structure and features, which means using any of them will not affect the motor’s efficiency.

How good is a GM 5.3-LS engine?

The GM 5.3-LS engine is a consistent motor block equipped in many trucks, and drivers gave good feedback. They could keep their vehicles running a long way without any problem. However, the most significant issues for this engine are the noise and excessive oil consumption, which sometimes affects the inner components and causes a severe vehicle breakdown.

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We hope any of the best heads for 5.3 LS can be a perfect component of your car engine, and the information above will help you understand more about your vehicle. If you think this article is helpful, share it with your friends.

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