Best Heads For 351W (2022’s Buying Guide & Reviews)

Ford Windsor engines were first introduced in 1961. Nowadays, only vintage car enthusiasts are hunting for this type of engine. Hence, before buying a cylinder head for your engine, you need to know whether you own a Windsor or a Cleveland model.

This article will be helpful to you if you own a Windsor model. We’ve done some research to give you the best heads for 351W. Besides the in-depth reviews, you are also provided with a buying guide. Through this helpful guide, you can decide for yourself which cylinder head is best for you.

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Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing Heads For 351W?

Cylinder heads are available in various designs and specifications; So, choosing the right cylinder head is not an easy task. To make the right choice, you need to consider many different factors, these include:

1. Materials

Most cylinder heads are made of either iron or aluminum. The iron head is a good choice for those on a mid-range budget due to its lower price. Meanwhile, aluminum models are easier to find, buy, and use.

In addition, to better understand the difference between the iron cylinder head and the aluminum cylinder head, watch this video.

2. Intake Port Volume

When you check the specifications of heads, you may notice the word `cc` appearing in the description. The word “cc” stands for cubic centimeters and is commonly used for port flow, combustion chamber, and total volume. For intake port volume, it indicates the overall volume of the port.

When it comes to intake port volume, many people assume that “bigger is better.” To be honest, this is a common mistake. Small ports can compete with larger ports in terms of flow, air, and power.  Usually, small blocks of street engines are packaged with a small intake port for higher inlet velocity.

3. Intake Port Configurations

It is one of the factors that make the cylinder heads differently. Intake port configurations can be oval, circular, rectangular, and more. Therefore, when buying a cylinder head, you need to make sure it fits the intake manifold.

3. Valve Angle

When looking at the parameters of the cylinder heads, you may come across the term “valve angle.” Simply put, it indicates the angle of the valve towards the block deck.

In fact, the valve angle dramatically affects the airflow of the cylinder head. Therefore, by choosing the right valve angle, you can significantly improve the engine’s performance.

4. Valve Size

Vehicle owners can get better flow and performance with large valves. However, they often forget that small block heads usually do not fit huge valves. 

Many aftermarket versions focused on original factory chamber valves. Meanwhile, some other products make room to get the benefits of large valves.

5. CNC Porting

In some heads, you may come across the term “CNC” (Computer Numerical Control). It is used for the heads that have been cast in a machined way. Technically, liquid aluminum and other metal were used to cast the cylinder head. 

Manufacturers often use the CNC manufacturing process to create many heads, although it can be less precise.

However, thanks to this process, users can get the exact size and shape of the combustion chamber and intake runner, which can improve the flow.

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3 Best Heads For 351W (In-Depth Reviews Of 2022)

Speedmaster PCE281.2049 Complete Aluminum Head – Best Value


Main features

  • The most durable and sturdy head on our list
  • Made from aluminum 
  • Improves the airflow to enhance engine performance
  • Lightweight 
  • Offer amazing horsepower and torque boost
  • The engine’s horsepower can be increased from 500 to 700
  • Packaged with valve stem seals, rocker arms studs, and damper springs
  • The intake ports, combustion chambers, and exhaust chambers are all fully CNC machined 

One of the factors that make the Speedmaster PCE281.2049 so popular is its excellent durability. In addition, it can produce an exceptional increase in horsepower and torque; Specifically, it can increase from 500 to 700 horsepower. Moreover, the head can significantly improve the airflow in the V8 engine for better performance.

This Speedmaster as-cast head is made from aluminum for outstanding lightweight; So, it can be easily adjusted with other components of the engine. The heavy-duty build mainly lies in the reinforced casting process; Thanks to this special process, the toughness of this head is greatly improved.

On the other hand,  the Speedmaster PCE281.2049 comes with a mall cross-section to enhance airflow. The increase in airflow into the combustion chamber has resulted in a significant increase in horsepower. Moreover, the intake ports, combustion chambers, and exhaust chambers are all fully CNC machined to ensure airflow quality.

This fantastic head is packed with valve stem seals, damper springs, and some rocker arm studs. The only problem is that it does not come with rocker arm nuts, rocker arms, or even a guide plate. Anyway, in my opinion, this model is really a bargain.

Edelbrock 60329 Performer RPM Cylinder Head – Best For Street Performance


Main features

  • Best for small block Ford 351W
  • Allow engine’s horsepower to increase from 300 to 450 HP
  • Made from aluminum 
  • Affordable price
  • Good build quality
  • 12 months warranty included
  • Packed with the highest quality intake and exhaust valves and valve springs

When it comes to the best head for the 351W Ford engine, we cannot ignore the Edelbrock 60329. It is especially suitable for the small displacement Ford V8. What we like most about this model are its excellent quality performance and reasonable price. It would be no exaggeration to say that this head is the best product in its price range.

The Edelbrock 60329 is packed with top-of-the-line features. Moreover, it has a unique combustion charger that is responsible for maintaining an adequate amount of airflow.

Like the Speedmaster PCE281.2049, this head is made from aluminum; So it is light in weight.  Although the head weighs only 31.8 pounds, it is very solidly built.

The cylinder head provides perfect bolt-on performance. Furthermore, it comes with threaded inserts in the rocker studs and exhaust bolt holes for outstanding durability and strength.

The Edelbrock 60329 is very effective in helping to increase horsepower, throttle response, and torque; this has been proven through many practice tests. In particular, it allows the engine’s horsepower to increase from 300 to 450 HP.

This fantastic cylinder head features stainless steel 1. 90 intakes and 1. 60 exhaust valves with a 170cc intake port. We recommend combining it with the Edelbrock Performer Total Power Package for the best effect.

Speedmaster PCE435.1034 Cylinder Head – Best Performance


Main features

  • Enhance the airflow and eliminates exhaust for efficient combustion
  • Increase the performance of the engine 
  • Provide more horsepower
  • High-grade aluminum, brass valve guides, and an advanced port design included
  • Solid build quality
  • Feature a 64cc combustion chamber, 2,020-inch intake valves, and 1,600-inch exhaust valves

Up next on our list are the Speedmaster PCE435.1034 cylinder head. There is no denying that this head can help you get what you want from your engine. It is specifically designed to deliver the performance you want at a reasonable price.

This cylinder head is considerably more expensive than the above, but it could make more horsepower in theory. 

It features a 64cc combustion chamber, 2,020-inch intake valves, and 1,600-inch exhaust valves; We think that is enough to provide outstanding performance for the 351W Ford engine.

In addition, practical tests have proven that it enhances airflow and eliminates exhaust for efficient combustion; As a result, this model increases the performance of your engine and provides more horsepower.

On the other hand, its construction includes high-grade aluminum, brass valve guides, and an advanced port design that enhances airflow. With a 210 cc intake runner and a 62 cc combustion chamber, the head enhances the performance of your engine and stock compression.

To sum up, using the Speedmaster PCE435.1034 cylinder head is a great way to improve the engine’s performance, efficiency, and horsepower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I replace the cylinder heads?

The condition of the cylinder head directly affects the performance of your vehicle. Therefore, when the cylinder heads are damaged, you should change them as soon as possible.

Some signs that your cylinder head is damaged:

  • Engine lost power
  • Refilling oil and water frequently
  • Cold start
  • Oil drops in the cooling water
  • And more

2. What are the pros and cons of aluminum cylinder heads?

Aluminum heads are preferred over iron heads because aluminum heads are lighter and have superior heat dissipation.

However, aluminum is not as durable as iron, so it is easy to crack. Furthermore, aluminum heads are not suitable for those on a tight budget.

3. Can cracked cylinder heads be fixed?

Absolutely. It is best to get help from a professional mechanic.


We have brought you the best heads for the 351W. So, let’s choose the one that works best for you and enjoy the engine’s unique performance. Hopefully, you will get the driving experience you want.

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