5 Best Cams For LQ4 With 317 Heads: Top-Rated Models Of 2022

If you want to increase the performance and power of the LQ4 with 317 heads, adding the right camshaft is one of the easiest ways. However, choosing a suitable camshaft among thousands of models available is not an easy task.

So we will provide a helpful buying guide and the best cam for LQ4 with 317 heads reviews to help you confidently choose the right camshaft for your needs.

What To Consider When Choosing A Cam for LQ4 With 317 Heads?

When it comes to buying the proper camshaft for LQ4 With 317 Heads, there are many models available for you to choose from. Thus, choosing the most suitable one can be a difficult task for you. Furthermore, you run the risk of making the wrong choice if you are inexperienced. 

Therefore, it is best to consider several aspects before making an investment decision; These include:

1. Compatibility

Let’s start by considering the compatibility of the product with your vehicle. That’s the first step to finding a suitable camshaft for your vehicle. 

A good cam will not help you if it’s not compatible with your car. Your engine can even be damaged if you try to install the wrong cam.

When checking the compatibility of a cam, it is essential to check the specifications of your car and this cam; You can find them on the product detail page.

2. Price

If you are on a mid-range or tight budget, do basic research on any low-end product you choose to avoid low-quality aftermarket knock-offs.

On the other hand, if a budget does not limit you, look out for high-end models that come with advanced technology features. They can improve engine performance more effectively than low-end models.

However, this does not mean that low-end products do not increase engine performance. It just means that they are not at the level of high-end cams.

3. Performance

The primary purpose of purchasing a camshaft is to get the most out of your engine. Therefore, the performance of the camshaft plays a critical role in increasing the engine performance.

Again, your budget will determine the performance you’ll get. In other words, you’ll get more torque, a higher RPM range, and better performance with the premium model.

Hence, be ready to pay a high price if you want to own a camshaft with a powerful ability.

4. Lobe Separation

Lobe separation is an essential feature of a camshaft as it is responsible for the proper functioning of the intake and exhaust valves. 

In fact, lobe separation is not configured rightly can lead to incorrect timing of intake and exhaust valves; That can negatively affect the engine. In the worst case, your engine may come to a complete stop.

Therefore, before investing in a dedicated camshaft, learn the details of lobe separation and how it works. It is possible to find this information on the product detail page.

To better understand lobe separation, watch the video.

5. Duration

The duration refers to the amount of time the camshaft opens and holds the valve off of the seat until it closes; It is measured in degrees of crank rotation.

A performance camshaft has a period ranging from 220 to 280 degrees. Sometimes, it can even exceed 280 degrees. 

A longer duration leads to a higher power range. For example, a cam with a duration of 240 degrees can produce between 3,000 and 7,000 RPM.

5 Best Cams For LQ4 With 317 Heads (In-Depth Reviews)

Sloppy Mechanics Stage 2 Camshaft – Best Overall

Via Amazon.com

Main features

  • Enhance performance for LQ4 with 317 heads
  • Generate much power while keeping the cost low
  • Excellent choice for Cars, Trucks, Street Rods, SUVs, and LS Swaps
  • Produces high horsepower and maximum torque
  • Premium quality parts

The Sloppy Mechanics Stage 2 Camshaft is the perfect cam for LQ4 with 317 heads to enhance its performance. There is no denying that this cam is a pretty aggressive cam that can generate much power while keeping the cost low.

This perfect cam produces high horsepower and maximum torque, which makes it ideal for the run. Besides ensuring proper boost control, it helps to improve the airflow of the cylinder head. So you can get maximum flow from your motor.

The Sloppy Mechanics Stage 2 camshaft is durable and long-lasting because of its aluminum construction. Thanks to its sturdy built quality, it allows your vehicle to operate smoothly, even on bumpy roads. This great cam also increases the durability of your engine by providing ultimate protection.

In general, the Sloppy Mechanics Stage 2 Camshafts is ideal for car owners who want a cam that will drive like stock, with the advantages of an aftermarket cam. It is also an excellent choice for Cars, Trucks, Street Rods, SUVs, and LS Swaps.

Brian Tooley Racing BTR Turbo LS Stage 4 Cam – Best Performance

Via Amazon.com

Main features

  • Premium quality parts
  • All kits included
  • Improved engine performance
  • Increased engine durability
  • Improved performance
  • A fully complete kit included

With the ability to effectively enhance performance, Brian Tooley Racing BTR Turbo LS Stage 4 Cam is the perfect turbo cam for your car. Its outstanding features have made it ranked second on our list.

After installing this cam, you will notice a massive improvement in torque and throttle response; This makes it the most reliable model that can add power to your engine. As a result, you get the maximum performance.

One of the things that makes this product such a great bargain is that it comes with a fully complete kit. It includes matching lightweight titanium retainers, dual polished springs, locators for stock guides, seals, and locks; All components are carefully crafted using high-quality materials.

This kit is made to provide you with a much safer and more comfortable riding experience. So if you want to turn your car into a beast, this amazing kit is for you. It will give your engine the boost you are looking for.

Brian Tooley Racing LS Turbo Stage 4 Cam – Best For Budget

Via Amazon.com

Main features

  • It comes with all you will need in one kit
  • Improved performance
  • Higher efficient operations
  • Delivers optimum engine power
  • Produce maximum torque and high horsepower

If you are looking for a turbo cam, this product is the best choice for you. It comes with a 3 bolt timing gear pattern, and its cam specs are 234/239 .612″/.610″ 115+5. So this is a big turbo cam that can unleash the hidden power of your car.

Thanks to its ability to produce maximum torque and high horsepower, this cam is considered ideal for the run. Moreover, it is also very effective in improving the airflow of the cylinder head; So you can get maximum airflow from your engine.

On the other hand, this great model offers larger combustion chambers and runners for lower compression, making it a good choice for boosted applications.

The Brian Tooley Racing LS Turbo Stage 4 Cam can help improve your engine’s performance at a reasonable price. It is a good option within your budget.

BTR Brian Tooley Turbo LS Stage 2 Cam – Best Value

Via Amazon.com

Main features

  • Built with sturdy materials 
  • Improve the power and torque of the engine
  • Increase horsepower
  • Improve engine efficiency
  • Safer than many other models

This cam is another model reviewed in this article that helps you get the most out of your vehicles. We are sure it has all the features needed to increase the power and torque of the vehicle’s engine.

We highly appreciate its ability to help maximize fuel efficiency. Moreover, it can increase performance and efficiency for your engine; This has been proven through many practice tests.

A simple look at the build quality of this cam will reveal the engineering ingenuity that takes your car to a different level. It is built with sturdy materials to withstand the harshest usage conditions. Therefore, it is true to say that this variant can last for the rest of your life.

This product also comes with high-quality parts that have been built to withstand the test of time. Furthermore, these parts have been manufactured under the most stringent conditions before being released to the market.

To sum up, this great cam is packed with unique features to make it the perfect complement to the LQ4 engine. So we are very confident in the performance of this cam as it can deliver an improvement not seen in many other camshafts.

Texas Speed TSP BFD Chop Monster 6.0L Cathedral Cam – Best Build Quality

Via Amazon.com

Main features

  • Well-built with high-quality materials 
  • Made to protect
  • Top-notch design
  • Major improvement in torque and throttle response
  • Ruggedly built to withstand harsh conditions
  • Reasonable in price

Texas Speed TSP BFD Chop Monster 6.0L Cathedral Cam is the perfect choice for LQ4. In addition to enhancing engine performance and extending engine life, this model gives your vehicle maximum improvement with minimal cost.

Like all the products mentioned above, this cam is well-built with high-quality materials to stand the test of time. It is packaged with s a 660″ dual spring kit with Integrated One-Piece seat and seal, PAC springs, titanium retainers, 7,400″ chromoly pushrods. These components have been made under the most stringent conditions.

In general, this special camshaft is the perfect choice to help you get the most out of your vehicles. It increases the engine’s efficiency by increasing the valve service life; This allows more air to flow through the valve. Besides, other technical modifications also contribute to the overall performance of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main purpose of the camshaft?

The camshaft is essential for all vehicles; It works to enhance the performance of the engine.

The role of this tool is crucial for the performance of the engine at different speeds. Moreover, it is especially important for racing cars.

2. How long does the camshaft last?

In most cases, a camshaft can last as long as an engine if you perform regular maintenance and take care of it properly. So a camshaft is supposed to last about 200,000 miles.

3. What can happen if my camshaft is damaged?

If your camshaft fails, a lot of negative things can happen to your engine. In particular, your engine may perform poorly or fail.  As a result, it is essential to ensure that the camshaft continually operates in the best condition.

4. What are the signs of a damaged camshaft?

Many signs can tell you if the camshaft is wearing out or failing; These include:

  • Your car idles roughly
  • Reduced mileage 
  • Frequent stumbling 
  • Uneven or unusual rough noise on idle mode
  • And more

5. Can I keep driving with a bad camshaft?

The short answer is yes.

You can still drive your car with a bad camshaft because it can’t damage your engine right away. However, it is best to replace the camshaft when it fails as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage it can cause to your engine.

6. Is the camshaft part of the engine?

Of course. It is an integral part of the engine. As mentioned above, it works to provide optimal performance for your engine.

There are thousands of camshafts available in the market. Therefore, it is best to consider some factors to choose the one that is best for you.

7. How much do camshaft repair and replacement cost?

For severe failures like cracks in the crankshaft, you have no choice but to replace your camshaft. To replace a camshaft, it will cost you from 1500 USD to 3000 USD; this includes labor and price costs.

8. Does a camshaft make a car louder?

The short answer is yes. Basically, a camshaft can make your car sound louder. However, many people expressed interest in this sound.


Choosing the best cam for LQ4 with 317 heads can be difficult, especially with the thousands of options you have on the market. Hopefully, with our article, you will be able to find the greats out there that can unlock the hidden power of your vehicle.

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