Best 235/85R16 Dually Tires Reviews

In case you are driving a dually truck, using the best 235/85R16 dually tires is highly recommended. Below are the most common recommendations should you have no idea which product to buy.

What To Look For When Buying The Best 235/85R16 Dually Tires?

Buying the best 235/85R16 dually tires requires extensive knowledge of the product. In case you need a bit of advice on which factors to pay attention to, make sure to keep in mind these elements.

Price tag

Dually tires are not exactly the cheapest purchase. Some products can be ridiculously expensive for the average customer, while others are suspiciously cheap. While you do not have to spend tons of money on a tire, you sure need something that holds up to its monetary value. 

Look for items within your affordable range and check their specs carefully. Find out whether the tire is reasonably priced and how long it shall last. If possible, go for products that are slightly more costly but with greater quality. 

This way, you will end up saving more money in the long run.


As 235/85R16 dually tires are meant for going offroad, they must be durable and can withstand massive impact. Check the material used to craft the tires as well as their build quality. A reliable dually tire should be able to function for at least three to six years, so keep that in mind when you test how it holds up.


Some drivers turn to professional mechanics to get their tires replaced. However, there are avid gearheads who want to take matters into their own hands. If you belong to the latter group, you might need user-friendly tires

This way, you will not encounter many problem trying to make the most out of your spare parts.

Brand reputation

When it comes to products such as tires, it is important that you check out the manufacturers before buying. While small warehouses may be able to have decent tires, their cost tends to be through the roof. 

Meanwhile, tires from household names are more economical and trustworthy. Ask the retailer about popular tires and whether they come from a long-established brand.

Customer testimonials

Admittedly, you have to be careful reading reviews from past customers, as everyone’s experience is not the same. That being said, it is still important to take into account what others have to say about each tire. 

You will learn more about how it plays out in real life instead of just reading the information provided by the manufacturers.

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best 235/85R16 Dually Tires 

Starfire Solarus HT All-Season Tire – Best Overall


Let’s kickstart the list today with the all-season Solarus tire from Starfire. Made by Cooper Tire & Rubber company, Solarus stands out with its excellent sales records on shopping platforms. The impressive number of buyers is an indication of how desirable this product is. 

But if you are still hesitant, here are a few of its features that you might need.

First off, Starfire Solarus offers a 50000-mile warranty, meaning you would get a free exchange should the tire wear off within this limit. Such a bold claim from the manufacturer is a testament to how confident Starfire is with its product. 

Furthermore, Solarus has a high level of compatibility, as it can be used for pickups, CUVs and SUVs alike. No matter how difficult the terrain is, Solarus can handle it all. Amazing, right?

Another reason why I particularly enjoy this product is its lack of noise. Most dually tires are extremely loud, especially when driven at high speed. But that is not the case here. Feel free to have a quiet ride all to yourself once these tires are attached to your vehicle. 

That said, the product is not without flaws. Some customers have complained about how challenging it is to replace the tires. Not only does it require more time, but it also forces people to weigh both the outside and inside of the rim. Hence, it is not exactly user-friendly.


  • High sales records.
  • 50000-mile warranty.
  • Can be used on various types of vehicles.
  • Relatively quiet.


  • Complicated changing procedure.
  • Not user-friendly.

Firestone Transforce HT2 Light Truck Tire – Best Reviews


The next product that I want to introduce to potential customers looking for the best 235/85R15 dually tires is the Transforce HT2 from Firestone. This item caught my attention with a rating of 4.8/5, which is surprisingly high. So what is it about Transforce HT2 that helps it garner so much positive feedback?

At first glance, Transforce HT2 provides drivers with a loading capacity of up to 3042 pounds. This threshold is among the highest when it comes to tires, which means its durability is something to long for. Rest assured that such a tire can carry your heavy vehicle through even the most unfavorable roads. 

And that is not to mention its optimized tire profile, designed to improve uneven wear. This way, you will be less worried about the chances of having accidents. Talking about being efficient and safe at the same time!

Personally speaking, I find myself most impressed with the tire’s full depth lateral slots, used for water evacuation during rainy seasons. If the weather is snowy, the sawtooth edge sipping would be of great use, as it maintains the tire’s stiffness and sturdiness. 

Who says that driving a dually truck is dangerous?

But still, it should be noted that Transforce HT2 only works with certain vehicles. You will have to check and see whether the item goes with your truck. If not, then you might need to find another product to use.


  • Lots of positive reviews from customers.
  • Loading capacity up to 3042 pounds.
  • Optimized tire profile for safer and more effective performance.


  • Can only be used for certain types of vehicles.

Westlake SL309 Tire – Best For Light Trucks


Do you own a light dually truck and can’t seem to find a suitable set of tires? Worry not, as SL309 from Westlake is on the way to your rescue! This product is designed with a loading capacity of 1200 pounds, making it an ideal choice for small-sized trucks. 

But do not mistake its capacity for a low level of durability. SL309 is crafted from two high-strength steel belts coupled with a doubled polyester cord interior. This build quality ensures the tire stays on the road and supports the entire vehicle despite being rather small. 

Additionally, the sidewall is enhanced to be stronger and thicker, which fights back against daily wear and tear, as well as puncture.

As for its performance, SL309 comes with a tread pattern developed by Westlake, allowing the tire to stay adhesive to the road in all weather conditions. 

You will also spot variable pitch tread blocks scattered all around with a view to increasing traction and reducing unwanted noise. Generally speaking, you will have a pleasant trip driving these tires. 

Last but not least, SL309 is not restricted to dually trucks alone. Sure, you can use these products for light off-road duties, but it works wonderfully traveling the highway as well. Doesn’t it sound appealing?

Unfortunately, all these benefits do not come without an exchange. As the trucks are lightweight, their lifespan is rather short. Most people say SL309 only lasts for two to three years before giving out completely.


  • Best for small-sized trucks.
  • Durable material.
  • Good grip on the road.
  • Can be used for multiple riding purposes.


  • Short lifespan.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Tire – Best For Capacity


You think a loading capacity of 3042 pounds is already enough? Let’s have a look at the Courser MXT tire from Mastercraft, which prides itself on the amazing loading capacity of up to 3086 pounds. 

With these beasts, you can pretty much use any kind of heavy-duty truck that you enjoy. And I’m talking about some serious off-road duties here!

As far as appearance is concerned, Courser MXT appeals to customers with its thick tread patterns and deep black coating. When combined together, the product exudes masculinity and trustworthiness, two characteristics that make a tire attractive to potential buyers. 

Not only will your truck have tremendous support while traveling, but it will also look strong and titillating.

But the charms of Courser MXT do not end there. This model is best known for its ability to cruise the road regardless of external conditions. Heavy snow? Icy side roads? Slippery highways? 

Everything is a piece of cake to Courser MXT. Feel free to drive up to 150 miles per day and witness how the performance has always been consistent! 

Sadly, there is one disadvantage to these products. As Courser MXT is on the heavy side, mounting it on your truck will be difficult. Most people cannot do it on their own, which means you have to hire a professional to finish the task.


  • Loading capacity of up to 3086 pounds.
  • Masculine appearance.
  • Work well in all weather conditions.


  • Mounting process is not easy.

Thunderer Trac Grip Tire – Best For All Terrains


Are you looking for an all-purpose tire that works wonders in all terrains? If yes, then look no further than the Trac Grip from Thunderer. As the name already indicates, Trac Grip has a unique selling point of providing excellent grip and traction on the road. 

Even in the most challenging conditions such as mud or snow, these items can still push your vehicle through effortlessly. And of course, if the road is smooth and not obstructed, Trac Grip offers an uninterrupted ride that keeps you satisfied. Sounds promising, right?

You will also be pleased to know that cleaning Trac Grip is not too much of a challenge. As the lugs clean out easily and the sidewall remains firm in its place, you can wash off any dirt accumulated there within seconds. 

Even better, Thunderer Trac Grip is not an expensive purchase. Its price tag is within the affordable range for the majority of customers, and it sure provides good value for money.

At the same time, you should be aware of how noisy Trac Grip is. As it is originally a mud-terrain tire, it will emit noises along the way, especially if you drive at high speed for hours.


  • Works in all terrains.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable for most people.


  • Can be noisy.

What Do 235/85R16 Dually Tires Mean?

The series 235/85R16 is used to describe the size and characteristics provided by each tire. Let’s break it down and see what having 235/85R16 dually tires mean!

  • 235: It means the width of your tire is 235mm. As a general rule, the width is measured from one sidewall to another. 
  • 85: It means the aspect ratio of your tire is 85%. In other words, the tire’s height accounts for 70% of its entire width.
  • R: It means your tire’s internal construction is radial. Radially constructed tires are where internal ply cords are placed in a radial direction instead of diagonally.
  • 16: It means the rim diameter compatible with your tire is 16’’. Anything smaller or bigger than this diameter will not work with a 16 tire.


Looking for the best 235/85R16 dually tires should not be a problem once you have read this review. Make sure you know about the pros and cons of each item before making a purchase. 

And do not forget to spread the word around should you find this article useful!

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